Thursday, March 22, 2007

Finally finished my photos!

I put my new photos up in my etsy store!!!!!!! It took quite a while to edit all of my photos, but I finally finished - whew! :) I'm very, very pleased with the results. Please take a look and let me know what you think. I think that these photos better show the beauty of the earrings and their size. Let me know if any of the photos aren't perfect - I did them all in a batch and I think they're good but it's possible I let a sub-standard picture through.

That's pretty much all I was able to do today :) It looks like I'm getting a couple of packages tomorrow - I'm very excited about that. I ordered more findings and whatnot from a couple of places, since they are each having sales. I also got my Fire Mountain catalog today - oh my goodness I could spend DAYS reading it :) I'm very much looking forward to snuggling up with it and looking at all of the beads and findings and everything. I hope I don't spend any more money. Or else I hope I win BIG in Vegas :)

In other news, I think I figured out how to wrap a stone (cabochon) to be used as a pendant. I had intended to make a necklace using a wrapped stone for the trip to Las Vegas next week, but my bone pain is going up again and I'm not sure it would be terribly smart to put a rock against the bone that hurts. We'll see. If I can get the pain under control then I'll wear the necklace, because it would be awesome with my two new dresses. Otherwise, maybe I'll make some other kind of necklace.


Anonymous said...

I love the photos of your earrings!!

Anonymous said...

I love the new photos! They show the stones beautifully :)

Love you

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos. I think that you've nailed it.


Darling Jee said...

Ohmygoodnessohmygoodness. must.restrain.self.from.buying

Those fuschia dangles are calling my name. I really hope somebody (not me!) buys them soon :)

I'm sending some of my classmates to your site. They admired my earrings in class today!