Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cleared parking lot

I don't think I told you about how our old car was trapped by a snowbank that extended across 4 parking spaces. I think 3 or 4 of us tenants complained and so the company that does the clearing brought out a big CAT and cleared the parking lot. Now we have this wall of snow that's about 12 or 15 feet high - it's like a mountain. If I was a kid, I'd so be climbing it :)

I guess the snow-removal company had talked to our landlord representative and had recommended moving the snow in this way. Our landlord representative refused to allocate the money, saying that the snow would melt. This is before the bad weather we had, so she should have known hat more snow would follow.

Anyways, it's clear now. Yay!

OH ! I got the stainless steel earring hooks and ball and posts things. Now every earring on my etsy store can be shipped with either hook at no extra charge. I hope to get some titanium ones in, too. And some clip-ons.

I think I'm about to fall asleep now..... sleep well, all of you! :)

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to listen to that inner child in yourself...if you are feeling good, go climb on that snow pile!