Thursday, March 01, 2007

How many earrings can I make in one day?

My surgical steel hooks arrived today, so I can offer all of my earrings in either sterling silver or surgical steel. The default will be to ship the earrings with sterling silver unless the customer requests otherwise. Of course I can ship a pair of surgical steel ear hooks afterwards if necessary.

There was a big storm today and so I didn't go anywhere. I ended up making a ridiculous number of pairs of earrings. I made four that I posted on my etsy store, and I made six other pairs while watching tv with Ian. I'll post those tomorrow. :) I love all of the earrings I made today, but I think I quite like Elegance in purple, which is a Swarovski crystal on top of an amethyst briolette. They would be perfect for an evening out, I think. They're simple but beautiful, I think.

I meant to practice my bellydancing but I got all tied up in making earrings. :) I will practice tomorrow, though. Even though I'm not in the recital, I want to perform the dance well. I think I won't make any earrings tomorrow - I've definitely done enough today, methinks.

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