Thursday, March 15, 2007

Shopping adventures

I was able to go to Fabricland today to pick up some fabric remnants. I'm thinking of taking earring photos against a black velvety background, and I got almost a whole meter of cotton velveteen for only $3.50! I also got some good remnants that can be used for purse linings and outer purse fabrics. I was very happy with my purchases.

I also stopped at Winners. As you may know, there's a promotion on right now where they're getting is more upscale designers than usual in only eight stores. One of the sort of nearby Winners has these designers, and I stopped in today to see what they had. They didn't have that much, unfortunately. I was really disappointed at how messy things were. I was in there at about 2pm and there was a lot of stuff in the dressing room that hadn't been put away. Some of the designer stuff was half off of the hangers and looked sloppy. There were shoes spread out all over the place. Things were in the wrong places. I've never seen the store so messy; I don't know whether it's because they're getting people coming in from all over the place who disrespect the clothes, or because the staff are bad.

Either way, I'm not so inclined to shop at this particular Winners so much. That's sad, because it used to be one of my favourites; they had a great selection of petite clothes and small shoes. I think I'll email and complain about the condition of the store.

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