Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mostly random thoughts

I spent part of the day getting ready to go to Las Vegas. I figured out which outfits I was going to bring (including which shoes) and starting some hemming. I'm very excited :)

In my Spirituality and Healing group we talked more about how the Secret isn't at all realistic because it kind of treats the universe like a fridge where you ask for stuff and you get whatever you want. That's not the case at all - you still have to act on your requests; you can't just ask for stuff. You have to try to make it happen. There is a lot more stuff that is wrong/not accurate in the Secret, which, if you know about it, isn't so bad - I shudder to think that people take what it says without thinking about it or doing further independent research.

I went to the dentist yesterday and it turns out that I have two teeny cavities. Many of the pills I take cause dry mouth which contributes to cavities :( I'm also thinking of whitening my teeth at the dentist's. I'm quite self-conscious about my teeth and wish that they were whiter. I do have to think about it, though.

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