Wednesday, March 07, 2007

An unexpected day

I had planned to sleep in today because we were up late yesterday, and we expected to be up late today. However, the roof people were there and were trying to get the ice dams broken. We've had a lot of snow fall lately and there were some ginormous icicles out there! Anyways, they showed up stomping around at about 9am which woke me up. There was no sleeping through that noise!

I sent out some earrings that someone had bought (thanks!) and posted some more earrings on my etsy store. I also reviewed and approved the proof for my business cards; they will be printed by Friday. Yay! I talked to a few people about the problems with the young women's group as well. The issue will be discussed at a meeting tomorrow. I hope there's some resolution there.

After my Well-fit, we had planned to go to the Brier. Unfortunately, Ian's dad isn't feeling well and so Ian's mom asked if we would come to Mississauga, which we did. This means that we weren't able to go to the Brier tonight, which is unfortunate. Oh well - I got to go last night, anyways, and we can watch it on tv. I might be able to go ather year.

I don't think we've got any big plans tomorrow; I have to do some cleaning as we've got a couple of people staying with us over the weekend.

OH!!!! This weekend is the UW juggling festival. The show will be on Saturday night at Hagey Hall at 7pm. Tickets are $5 at the door. Apparently the show is supposed to be really good this year :)

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