Thursday, March 08, 2007

A short day

Some friends of mine collected money for me to help out my jewelry business. I'm so very touched and honoured; I can't believe that people would be giving money to help me. I feel very special, that so many people are looking to help me. I've sold a lot of earrings, don't forget :) I am going to a bead show on Saturday in Toronto, and I will be buying things there. I'm so grateful for everyone's help.

I managed to sleep in until almost 1:30pm - yay! I'm still tired, but we have to be up extra early tomorrow. We both have our annual physical appointments. Blah. I'll be glad to get that over with. I did manage to do some cleaning.

I also finished the accent part of the purse I'm working on. Now I just have to serge around the edges, glue the fabric to the body, glue lining fabric to the inside, and put the frame on. That last task will be tricky; I hope it works. I'm very pleased with the flower accent I made, though; if this purse doesn't work out, then I can use it somewhere else. It's got black feathers arranged in a flower-shape with two rings of tulle over it. I sewed Swarovski crystals to the tulle to give it sparkle. For the center of the flower thing, I used two onyx beads, three hematite beads, and two Swarovski rounds. I think it looks nice :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad people are helping you out! You definitely have enough talent to make a go of it, so it's good other people can see that!