Friday, March 23, 2007

A fun Friday

Someone suggested that I tweak my arty and ruler photos in my etsy store just a little bit to lighten them, so I did that today. They do look better that way, I think. I finished that around 1pm EST today, so if you saw the pictures before that and haven't looked at them again, please have another look :)

Oh!!!!!!! I got some silver-plated clip-on earring things today. So if you don't have pierced ears and can handle silver then you can wear my earrings :) I'll be announcing this on my etsy store tomorrow. I didn't get sterling silver because they're MUCH more expensive and I figured in this one case I could get away with the plated stuff - anyone who wears clip-on earrings isn't going to be wearing them all day every day.

Some of the people we see regularly also have birthdays next week and so we went to dinner tonight at Caesar Martini's. The food was very good. The service was a tiny bit slow, but it wasn't too bad. Our waitress had trouble with the flambe part of the bananas foster dessert that some people ordered - then again, I'd be wary of doing things with flames and food as well. The restaurant turns into a bar in the later evening, and they turned up the music early on (before 8pm). Unfortunately, all we could hear was the bass and it didn't sound all that good. So when the manager asked if everything was all right, well, I told him that I wasn't happy about the music, especially since it was so early. He did turn it down, which I appreciated very much. I'd recommend this restaurant if you want a nice meal in the Waterloo area.

Later on, we watched the original The Hills Have Eyes movie. It was pretty good; there was a lot of suspense and it was generally a good horror movie. The story was reasonably believable, too. The special effects did leave something to be desired, but this is kind of to be expected for a movie in 1977. We'd recommend this one :)

We also rented the remake of The Hills Have Eyes. We'll watch that before we go to Vegas. They had a promotion on to get three 7-day movies for only $9 (two cost $7.50) so we took a chance on Dead and Breakfast. How can a movie with the tagline "It's like a bad horror movie...... only worse!" be bad? :) I'll let you know what we think of this one, too :)


Tibcat said...

I love the photo's! I love the earrings tumbling out of a glass - there's something almost decadent about it; I love the black velvet; and I love that now I can see how long they are :) Much nicer than before.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Lovely pix! Very well done! Have a blast in LV - although for some reason I can't remember when you're going!