Sunday, March 11, 2007

My love of design

I spent most of the day relaxing. I didn't get much done; I watched curling and thought about some new designs and stuff. I've got the initial sketches done for the next purse design - I'm very excited. I think that I will try and incorporate actual amethyst stones in the design since I'll be using amethyst and purple seed beads.

I'm not quite finished my other purse. I have cut out the inside of the purse and have partially glued the outside. I was waiting for the glue to dry; next I'll have to finish the gluing and finish it up. I hope it fits in the pre-made frame. That will be tricky. I can't wait to finish that purse (because I love it every time I see it) and to start the next one (because I love the idea of it). Of course if I'm working on a commissioned purse then I won't do the next beaded purse until the commission is over.

I do so love designing things.

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