Friday, March 09, 2007

One of those days

I've definitely overdone it over the last few days, and I'm paying for it now. We had to get up really early for our annual doctor's appointments in Mississauga. My doctor finished the disability forms; in the spot where it said "return to work plan" he put "n/a" and he listed my condition as "guarded" everywhere. Which I think means "not stable", which we already knew I was. Still, to see it in writing was hard.

Then the two of us were tired and that, coupled with the fact that the juggling festival starts tomorrow, means that we were both cranky. Ian got a big nap in the afternoon, but my nap was much smaller. It wasn't long enough, I'm afraid.

The Femara makes me clumsy, and when I'm tired I can be very clumsy. Well, I'm tired and so I fell at curling. I didn't hurt myself, but I did fall again. Sigh. I almost fell a second time, too, but managed to stay on my feet.

We were supposed to go for dinner and to watch the Brier on tv, but Ian's mom called us and asked if we could come to Mississauga again. So here we are. I guess I felt rushed or something when we were getting ready and I forgot tons of stuff - my pills, my undergarments (I realized this on the way out of town and we stopped at Sears), and the makeup I'd bought earlier today. I felt so stupid; I can't even pack to go away for a couple of days without forgetting crucial items.

So I've had a meltdown and now I'm looking forward to going to bed. I'm very excited about the bead show tomorrow; I'm still going and my friend is still coming with me. It just takes some additional planning, but it'll be fun.

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