Friday, March 02, 2007

Stuff with which to make earrings

I've sold 8 pairs of earrings now. 8!!!!!!! Of course it's all people I know who've bought them - and I appreciate every single person's support with this. It's hard to say "here are things I've created. Will you please buy them?", and I'm glad that you all are helping me. To keep selling earrings, I either need other people I know to buy them, or I need people I don't know to buy them. I'm trying to make a name for myself on the etsy forums, but it's hard because there's so much traffic and it's hard to keep up.

I got some more stuff in today. Among other things, I got some amethyst rounds and teardrop shapes, some bloodstone (aka heliotrope; the stuff I got has no red flecks, I'm afraid), some sodalite that I LOVE!!!!, and some more Swarovski pearls. I can hardly wait to make more stuff. I've picked out things for two more pairs of earrings.... this is so exciting! I think I basically have a base palette of beads from which I can make earrings, so I shouldn't need too much more except for findings. I should get myself a business card of some kind, too, I guess.

There is a bead show next weekend, though, and I expect that I will purchase some things there. I will only get things I love, of course :)

I can't believe how much money I've spent on all this. I've made up some of what I spent, of course, because I've sold some earrings. I feel very much called to create these things; it's like I have to do it. Hopefully things will work out with this. If not, then I can try to sell off the beads I don't need to make some of the money back.

Update: publish as Chantelle :)

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