Sunday, March 04, 2007

More sales!

I've had another sale (with possible commission) and another pending sale....this is so unbelievable! It feels like you all were just waiting for me to start selling the stuff I make :) Of course I'm thrilled - I'm honoured that all of you are supporting me in this business.

We spent quite a bit of time putting together a business card today. Ian has been very helpful (even when I get frustrated with new software that doesn't behave like I think it should), and I'll take it to be printed tomorrow. That way I can include a few with every order so that people can give them to their friends.

This week is going to be busy - we'll be traveling to Hamilton for a few nights to see Brier draws and the Waterloo Juggling festival is this weekend. We have one person staying with us, so we'll have to actually clean the house. This is not a bad thing, but cleaning gets in the way of creating :)

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