Monday, May 05, 2014

Finally did the scans the doctor ordered

For years I'd put off doing the pelvic ultrasound that my doctor ordered for me. I'd also put off doing the bloodwork he ordered for me. But when I last saw him a couple of months ago, I committed to him that I'd do all my tests before we left for our trip. Last week I finally got both tests done.

I had the pelvic ultrasound along with the bone density scan he more recently ordered, on Friday. I had to have both the "internal" (aka transvaginal) and "external" ultrasounds done. Usually they start with the external one because the bladder has to be full but somehow mine wasn't so we started with the internal one. Blech. Then I went for my bone density scan and finished with the regular pelvic ultrasound.

The technician who did my ultrasounds was weird. She kept asking why I was having the scan done and didn't seem to understand that it was because I'm 45 and still have a uterus that should be checked once in a while. During the first part she asked me if anyone had ever said anything about the shape of my uterus. Ummm, no. For some reason she thought it was wider at the top than usual (still within normal parameters) but when she did the second ultrasound it was normal. I hope she's not the one reading the scans.

At least the scans and tests are done and I don't have to do them again for a long time. The bone density is super-easy but pelvic ultrasounds - both parts - aren't fun for me. My bladder usually gets overfull and I find the both exams extremely uncomfortable. I know that the internal exam gives a clearer picture but I find it invasive. I wish there was another way to get the same detail with a scan that wasn't quite so intimate.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Shopping adventures

Today was pap smear day. Blech. It's not the worst medical test ever but it's far from my favourite (give me a bone scan any day!). Thankfully it's over for another few years.

I decided to indulge in a little retail therapy afterwards. Between our upcoming trip and spring finally almost here I'm in the mood for some new clothes. I bought a gorgeous skater (short semi-circular) skirt in white polka dots on black. The skirt hangs the same way all the way around - even in the center front and center back! I know that this doesn't seem like a big deal to you but it is to me. My body isn't a cylinder; in fact, it's a bit wider in front and back than it is on the sides. As a result, semi-circular skirts like this tend to drape really well on the sides but are flat in the center front and back. Somehow this skirt actually drapes in the center front and back as well as the sides. It's truly awesome. It may look good on no one else but for me and my body type, it's perfect.

I also bought a tunic. I love the bottom because it has neat pockets. The neckline is a round jewel neckline so it's kind of boring but it'll be fine for me. The sleeves are 3/4 length which I don't love; I'll leave them for now but I might think about adding an extension to the sleeves when we get back. Maybe at the same time I'll think about re-working the neckline.... or not. We'll see.

I have to admit that today wasn't my only retail therapy adventure; I've also bought some stuff online lately. I don't remember everything I've purchased because it hasn't all arrived yet, but I know that I bought a couple of comfy dresses and maybe a top. I also bought this super-gorgeous tote bag:

Sydney Love Color Block Large Tote
13" high x 21.75" wide x 8.5" deep with 10.5" handle drop
Weirdly, I have a scarf that incorporates each and every one of the accent colours used in the bag. I guess these colours must be "it" for this year.

Anyways, I had been carrying a large PC GREEN shopping tote bag with me when I traveled. It was the right size to comfortably carry everything but it didn't have a zipper, it was quite lightweight, and it had a big logo on the side. This bag is about the same size and is just as comfortable to carry but has a top zipper, no logo, and lots of small pockets. I carried it with me today and I'm very, very happy with it. Not only does it look awesome, it's comfortable to carry and holds a ton of stuff. I'm looking forward to carrying this whenever I travel.

I also bought a couple of pairs of walking shoes the other day. I replaced (again) my Merrell jungle mocs because they're so comfortable to wear and they hold up to hours of walking. I've been buying these shoes for quite a few years now. Although the soles don't last all that long and they can be slippery when they're wet, they're very comfortable when walking a lot. They also look nice enough with most pants and leggings.

I also bought a pair of these Skechers Go Walk shoes:
Skechers Go Walk shoes

I hadn't planned on looking at them at all but when I first put them on, my feet felt like they were surrounded and cushioned by all these little pillows. They were just as incredibly comfortable when I walked around and I figure that they'll be the perfect pair to wear when my feet are sore from walking. I don't think they'll last all that long because soles that soft just don't last but I think my feet will be very happy in them while they're still good.

When I started this post I didn't think it would be quite this long. I guess I've done quite a bit of shopping lately - certainly more than I thought I'd done! I still need a couple of t-shirts for summer but otherwise, I think I'm set. For now. :)