Saturday, March 17, 2007

More earrings

I slept until 3pm today!!!!! I haven't slept that late in quite some time, and I'm surprised that I did. I guess I was pretty tired.

I have made quite a few pairs of earrings over the last few days - I think I have 12 pairs now. That's good. I'm still playing around with the photography before I go ahead and start adding more pieces to my etsy store. At least one picture will have a black background, at least one will be with the earrings lying down, and at least one will have them dangling. At least one will have the regular grey background to better show the colours of the stones and to show the earrings in a more natural light. I'm also thinking of making an arty picture with a mirror and black fabric.

I'd like to get a small thing on which to photograph the earrings. I want it to have two poles that are stable and set vertically with markings on them at the same places relative to the bottom of the poles. I also want them to have a horizontal bar parallel to the floor and adjustable. I don't really know how to make it, but I can sort of see it in my head. I'd like the parts of this display thing to be black.

Even if I don't get this stuff set up, I'll start adding new earrings to the site on Monday.

I'm also thinking of ways that I can make necklaces. I can finally see some of them in my head :) I'll get one of those Bead Design Boards as I think I need one - it'll help to make the necklaces as I have trouble figuring out the spacing.

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