Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tomorrow we leave for Las Vegas!

Ok, ok, I know that you're dying to see the first necklace I've ever made... there are some pictures here. My hair should look better, since it was styled today, but I put it behind my ears. I realize that the necklace isn't everyone's taste, but I like it for evenings out. The dress in the photo is one that I bought specifically for Las Vegas. I thought I'd put a note about it in my blog, but apparently I didn't.

The dress is cream silk with black dots on it. It's a sleeveless sheath dress and it looks like it was made for me. Really, it is figure-clinging; Ian complained about the cost of the dress (only $50) until he saw it on me. It's very sexy :) It doesn't hurt that I've been working out and bellydancing for the last 3 months, so my tummy looks pretty awesome. I think I'm going to wear this figure-hugging sexy dress with my sky-high shoes (the ones I wore to the Christmas party - see them here). Pretty nice, huh? I don't know which night I'll be wearing this outfit when we're in Las Vegas, but it'll be one when we're seeing a show and I don't have to walk much. Maybe to see Penn and Teller on my birthday on Saturday?

We packed up our clothes for Las Vegas tonight - we leave tomorrow night, so we want to be ready. I have to pick up a couple of things tomorrow and then we'll be leaving tomorrow night. I'm very excited! As far as I know, we'll have the laptop and (I hope) internet access while I'm there, so I should be able to update you on our fun events each day. If for some reason the internet thing doesn't work out, then I'll upload all of my entries when we get back next Monday night.


Tibcat said...

Ohhhhhh that necklace gorgeous. I especially like the flower in the centre with the three dangles from it. Quite the talent you have :)
Love Mom

Darling Jee said...

I would probably take someone's eye out with those shoes. Probably my own! I can't believe Ian complained about a $50 dress. That's a steal! In fact, I challenge him to find a dress that looks half as good on him for that price. I was just invited to a formal work event this Thursday and I have no idea what to wear. And to make matters worse, almost everyone else there is going to be male so I can't ask for advice! I need some female mentors at work.

Darling Jee said...

Oh yeah, take tons of photos in Vegas. And don't worry about posting. Just have a really good time. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

Anonymous said...

You did a wonder job on the necklace.


Anonymous said...

I did mean a 'wonderful job'. :) Have a wonderful time in Las Vegas... and Happy Early Birthday!!!


Unknown said...

Beautiful necklace - matches the earring well, too. You definitely have your own style already!

And $50 is a very good price for a dress...


Anonymous said...

Fabulous necklace and earrings! They just show off how beautiful you are :) Enjoy all of Vegas :)

Love you forever,