Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sleeping in is fun

I slept until 1:30pm today :) I had sort of planned to go to a bellydance practice for the recital next weekend this afternoon at 2:30pm, but I slept in too long. That's ok; I guess I needed it. We are going to Las Vegas on Wednesday, after all, and I want to be well-rested for that :)

Thank you all for your compliments on my new earring photos. I'm very pleased with the photos, myself, and I'm glad that you all like them, too.

We watched Dead and Breakfast today. It's hilarious! There's a guy who sings the story (like a chorus, I guess); his songs are funny. The story is pretty good, and the acting is good, too. It's pretty gory, but that's ok - mostly it's splatter, and you don't actually see many people getting killed. We would recommend this movie for sure, because it is so funny. Ian really liked it :)

I'd also like to recommend a juggling movie available for only $5USD from this page (you don't have to have a paypal account; you can use a credit card). The juggler is Wes Peden of Airplay; he was here at the Waterloo juggling festival last year. He's 17 now and one of the best jugglers in the world. He's applying to circus school in Sweden; apparently if you're accepted, your tuition is free but your housing is not and you can't work there while you're studying. Wes is trying to raise funds to help him pay for three years of living costs. So aside from the fact that the video is really, really good (which it is - it's way better than the Chris Bliss video everyone links to), the money goes to a good cause. So buy the video and watch it :)

Interestingly - Wes' parents have six kids, and the father Jeff quit his job to become a professional juggler with his son. They're still juggling together, although they don't have a lot of extra money. I imagine that if Wes doesn't get into circus school (which is highly unlikely) they'll invest the money and save it for the next time he's allowed to apply, in two years. It's still a good cause.

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