Thursday, September 02, 2010

Respirologist appointment

The respirologist was very nice. He liked that I was so well-informed about sarcoidosis and cancer and my medications.

He said that it's hard to believe that the mediastinal nodes had sarcoidosis in them because going from skin sarcoidosis to having it in lymph nodes is very unusual. He accepts the diagnosis anyways because nothing else explains the findings. My lungs show nothing except a little bit of scar tissue from the radiation 10yrs ago and my lung function tests were very good and normal. Therefore, he thinks that there is no sarcoidosis in my lungs.

He'll see me again in March and in the meantime I'll have an echocardiogram to make sure that my heart isn't affected by sarcoidosis. 

Tonight I'm going to Toronto so that I can spend time early tomorrow with my youngest sister, who won a trip to see a favourite band of hers (Down with Webster). I'll be back tomorrow afternoon sometime.

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