Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Progress is being made

Today I managed to get some packing done - yay! I thought that it would be really hard to pack the surfaces in my sewing room because they were a mess but once I started, it wasn't so bad. It took some time to sort things together but it turns out that there were few types of things than I thought there were. Really, there were only unfinished projects, commercial patterns, patterns I've traced, and notions on those surfaces. I'm by no means finished packing that area but I made good progress today.

This evening I went for coffee and a yummy dessert with a friend of mine. I don't get to see her as often as I'd like to because we both have lives but I always enjoy our visits. We tried to go to a new pastry shop but it closed too early, so we'll try that place another time.

Tomorrow I have my echocardiogram appointment. The respirologist wants me to have this test done to be sure that I don't have sarcoidosis in my heart. I'm quite certain that I don't have anything wrong with my heart and that there's no sarcoidosis there but it doesn't hurt to be sure. I had an echocardiogram before my very first chemotherapy back when I had my primary cancer in 2000 and it was no big deal. Back then I had to have it done to make sure that my heart was strong enough for that chemo as it was/is known to cause heart damage. As I remember, the test was no big deal.

I wish the echocardiogram was earlier in the day so that I could do that and then come back and pack but the appointment is for 3:30pm, which means that I'll need to try and pack earlier in the day. But if I do that, when will I get to watch all my recorded tv shows? :)

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