Thursday, September 16, 2010

A big day out

I have disabled anonymous comments on this blog for the time being because of the number of anonymous comments being left on my Words post. If things settle down I may go back to allowing anonymous posts if people I know prefer them.

We had a few appointments in Mississauga today so Ian and I spent the day there. Each appointment only lasted about 10 minutes but two of them were doctor's appointments and the other was about the mortgage so it was important that we made the trek there. It would have been more fun if it hadn't been raining so heavily, but the weather is beyond my control.

Between appointments we did a little furniture and appliance shopping. We've finally figured out the seat depth and height that suits me best, at least when I'm wearing shoes: 18" seat height and 21" seat depth. Unfortunately that seat depth is too short for Ian to be comfortable, so what I think we'll do is get a couch with a good seat height for me and a comfortable seat depth for Ian. By putting a pillow behind my back, I can then make the seat depth shorter and therefore right for me. Problem solved!

Appliance shopping was a little more complicated. We wanted to compare the appliances we'd seen the other day with what was available at Sears. The sales guy was quite pushy even though we told him that we weren't buying today because we don't have the measurements. Sears is having a sale that gets extra club points this weekend and he wanted to call when the next such sale was coming up. When he asked for our phone number I foolishly gave it to him.

Then he said that since he'd spent some time with us (all of twenty minutes of the half hour we were there), he wanted the commission on the appliances so we could just order them by the phone. I don't know if I want to do that, partly because we haven't been able to really check out the different models and we want to be able to touch and pretend to use them. These aren't cheap!

We did learn one thing, however: a dual-fuel range might be a good idea. These have a gas cooktop and electric oven. We want a gas cooktop for sure. the problem with a gas oven can be that it has more fumes. Plus if we kept the electric part we wouldn't have to downgrade the 220 outlet to a 110 - something that might have an impact on resale value.

As you can tell, it was a very long day. After all the appointments and shopping we got to relax and visit with Ian's parents and have a yummy dinner at their place, too. Now we're home and I'm ready for tomorrow's packing adventure.

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