Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where has the time gone?

The sewing room is looking slightly less full after I packed up a few more bins. Almost all of the lightweight fabric  has been packed up now; I have the coat fabrics, denim fabrics, and some other bottomweight fabrics to pack up and that'll be about it. Oh, and there's the interfacings, too, and I have to figure out what's in the three big bis already in the room. And then I can start cleaning up the tables in the room.

Honestly, I'll be happy once that room is done. There are a few areas in the rest of the house that both of us need to sort but the sewing room is the biggest job in the whole house. I'm feeling a little bit stressed about getting the room done because no amount of work seems to be making much of a dent. I'm starting to feel the time pressure for the move and it's everything I can do to keep myself calm.

We did look at a bit more furniture today and I'm pretty sure that we've decided to get some version of one of the ones we saw last Sunday. We're not sure whether we want a sofa, couch, or something else. We'll play a bit with them in that interior design software. We've put the house in and we should be able to import the sofa stuff to see which configuration will work best for the great room space. Ideally, I'd like to have one seating area around the tv and another one- or two-seat reading area over by the window. I'm not sure what will end up working; we'll have to see.

We'll be doing more packing tomorrow along with catching up on some recorded tv programs before the new fall season is upon us.

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