Sunday, September 19, 2010

Designing our space

Ok, so we didn't do any packing today. Instead we planned out our great room furniture so that we know what we want to buy. We created several different workable configurations with the same pieces of furniture: a condo-length (87") sofa, a reclining wing chair, the awesome circle chair we loved, and possibly a bent-knee chaise or other chair. We'll need end tables and coffee tables and rugs and bookcases as well to help define the space, of course, but we wanted to figure out what furniture we need to buy.

It turns out that our great room is going to be a strange place to fill. The current owners have a piano in part of that space and we know why - it's hard to fill that space otherwise. The current owners also have the tv above the fireplace and we'd rather have the tv beside the fireplace, so that complicates the design a bit more.

I feel better having this design-work done. It means that once we confirm the dimensions of the rooms we can go ahead and buy the furniture. Coincidentally enough, we're going to the house tomorrow to get whatever measurements we need. Not only will we be able to buy furniture, but we can buy appliances, too!

We still want to check out a few more stores for furniture and appliances, but we hope to make a decision on both by (or on) next weekend. We may not buy everything at once, but might just start with a couple of pieces and see how they work.

We do still need to buy a dinette set as well and we've been feeling a bit discouraged because we haven't seen the 42" wood pedestal table (with leaves) with wooden chairs we want. Then we remembered that we live practically in the middle of Mennonite country and they make fine wooden furniture. We just need to go to a place that sells furniture made locally and we'll find the table we want. We might even find some accent pieces there, too :)

This furnishing a house thing takes so much time. I don't know how decorators do it - although I guess if you care less about comfort than we do, it's easy to put a room together. I'll be happy when we're in our new place with some furniture.

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Allison said...

If you can find "Design Rules" a 6-part BBC series from 2003(?), I think you'd find it really interesting and helpful. It's about basics, that you can then apply to any room and style (I think the episodes are Light, Colour, Space, Texture, Balance, and Personality, or something like that). I remember that in talking about setting up a space they actually had the TV opposite the fireplace with chairs/sofas facing each other, so you could lounge one way to watch TV and the other to look at the fireplace.