Saturday, September 25, 2010

We found a sofa!!

After many hours of looking at sofas and sitting and standing and walking around, we've finally decided on a sofa. we first checked out another furniture manufacturer before going to the main showroom and factory for the furniture manufacturer that we liked last weekend.

We discovered that we really did like the sofa we saw last weekend and that we really did find it to be the most comfortable and best-looking one for us. We'll be ordering the sofa this week sometime, but we've decided to buy a regular 3-seater sofa and ottoman from Distinctive Designs in model Daytona:

You can't see it, but the arm curves around the back ever-so-slightly, which we especially like since the sofa will be out in the open and not against a wall.

We're choosing the fabric "Unique" in colour "Birch" and we'll get accent pillows in fabric "Horizon" in colour "Charcoal". The main colour is a fairly light variegated grey-beige with darker black-brown spots in it. From a distance, it's all one colour but up close it's quite interesting, and it will go with a lot.

The accent fabric is a white/tan/brown/grey/black jacquard fabric with overlapping squares. It picks up both colours in the main colour so it goes with the main colour and doesn't pop out too much. The combination of the main and accent fabrics also go really well with black leather, which is important because we're going to buy that awesome black leather circle chair we saw a couple of weeks ago.

We'd actually decided on a totally different set of fabrics: a single-toned dark beige for the main colour and a crazy print with black for the accent. But when we put the black leather against it it just didn't work as well because the main colour didn't have enough layers to it and the black was just too harsh.

If it sounds like we spent a long time looking at fabrics, we did; in fact, we spent about an hour looking at the furniture and then another hour and a half or more looking at fabrics. We wanted to be sure that we were making the right choice. Because this sofa is the first piece of furniture we're buying and everything else has to go with it, we needed to be sure that we love the colour and fabric and that lots of other colours go with it. Better to spend lots of time making the decision now than rushing the decision and regretting our purchase for years and years.

Tomorrow we're going to go and purchase appliances. This plan seems to be coming together!


Robin said...

oooooooh - very nice choice! When we bought our sofa together we didn't put as much thought in, but our budget was smaller as well. What made our decision for us was that we were sitting on it in the store and started chatting away like we would at home. The couch felt natural so it came home with us! I'm so happy that you found something you love for your new house :)

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