Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I am so lazy

I am the laziest person ever. I'm supposed to be packing and I haven't been doing that. If only everything would pack itself... but it isn't. So I sit here, watching the stuff stay as it is, while I do no packing.

Mostly I've been sleeping. For whatever reason, I've been really tired and am sleeping long past the usual time I get up. I hope that I'm back to normal over the next couple of days because I'm starting to feel the pressure of not doing any packing. This pressure seems to be leaving me sort of overwhelmed and paralyzed so that the more packing I have to do, the less I'm doing. It happens with my sewing, too, which is why I've done no sewing lately.

I'm sort of wondering where summer went. I remember having some really warm days but it's been cool and rainy out there this week. The other great harbringer of fall is Fall tv. America's Next Top Model cycle 15(!!) started today and I know that other shows, both returning and new, are on their way.

Thinking about ANTM, Tyra is still comparatively young as a host but the difference between her age and the ages of the aspiring models was very pronounced in tonight's episode. The stick-figured models-to-be are all squealing and shouting while she's calm and centered in her curviness. She's been out of the regular modeling business for a while now. Soon there will be contestants who were born after she stopped modeling and who have no idea who she really was or why she's there.

I've noticed that the ads and promos for upcoming shows are starting to take over much of the screen which is annoying. NBC is especially bad in their promos because the promos cover up little things like subtitles and person identification titles. I'd complain to them, but it seems that Canada is not a market they're trying to cultivate or maintain. If it were, then shows that are only shown on NBC and not on a Canadian affiliate (like the late and awful Persons Unknown) would have been viewable on the NBC website. I wish the tv stations would make it easier for their viewers to watch their programming.

Of course, the easier it is to watch tv, the less packing I do. So maybe things should stay the way they are until we've finished moving :)

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