Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bone scan day

Today was bone scan day. I got the radioactive tracer injection just before noon and then I had the scan itself at around 3pm. In between, I donated those eight bags of clothes to Goodwill and did some shopping. All of that took much less time than I had so I kind of wandered around and tried to stay out of the sun. It's really hot and humid here and when I was in the direct sun with no breeze, it was awful.

I think the weather is supposed to break on Thursday night or Friday because it looks like the high will be below 30C on Friday. I hope that's true because heat makes me sleepy.

Because I've had a bit of pain in one of my rigs, they took close-up scans of my ribs as well as the overall scan. My oncologist will call me if there's anything to report. She's pretty good about watching for the results (unlike the nurses and support staff) and I'm confident that if I don't hear from her within a week or two then I can assume that the scan was fine. I do expect the scan to be fine, of course, but I always worry a little bit. Everyone does.

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