Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Take me to your leader

For a long time I've wondered what would happen if aliens actually made contact with this planet. They'd have to be officially greeted and all that and who would do that? I'm not sure I trust the US government to do that job; I have a feeling that they might be more interested in detaining those aliens indefinitely and hushing up their existence.

So you can imagine how excited and relieved I was yesterday when I heard that the UN had appointed an alien ambassador! Finally, if/when aliens show up, we'll have a definite leader to greet them. Of course I wondered why they were appointing this ambassador now: did something happen? has contact already occurred?

Sadly, this story is false. There is no UN alien ambassador, and so there is no leader who can receive and greet aliens. We're left with the individual countries deciding for themselves what will happen if we're ever contacted.

Of course there are many people who say that aliens have been here. Apparently US military pilots saw UFOs deactivate nuclear missiles some number of years ago. You don't have to look very hard on the internet to find stories from people who claim to have seen UFOs or aliens. Which kind of makes me wonder whether there really has been that much contact or if there are that many people like me who thinks that it would be sort of cool to be contacted by them?

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