Monday, September 06, 2010

Out for a movie

For the first time in ages we actually went out and saw a movie. Today's choice was Machete, a movie whose trailer first appeared before Grindhouse.

Machete is sort of a western, I guess, with lawpeople trying to do the right thing for Mexican immigrants against an evil consortium that's seeking to kill or prevent them from entering the US. The story centers around the title character - Machete - as he does his job and later is recruited into this twisted consortium, betrayed by them, and goes on a rampage to wipe them out.

There's lots of eye-candy in this movie. Lindsay Lohan plays a drugged up party girl, which isn't much a stretch for her. Jessica Alba plays a rather improbable immigration agent who walks around in very high heels. Michelle Rodriguez is the leader of an underground railroad for Mexican immigrants. There's also a hospital where the nurses wear mini-dresses with very high heels.

This is not a perfect film. The compositing in the car scenes is terrible; honestly, it's as bad as those horrible Dodge Canada commercials. Lindsay Lohan's body double was obviously a body double because she was missing the trademark freckles. And the story doesn't always make sense and is a little over the top at times, but that's what we expected going in. There's lots of gore, too, and some nudity (although many would argue that this isn't a problem given the lovely ladies above  :) )

Overall, this is a good movie for what it is and we enjoyed it. If you like this kind of ultra-violent killing movie with a little eye candy thrown in, you'll love this movie. If this is not your genre, you won't like this movie.

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