Thursday, September 09, 2010

Aliens on tv?

Speaking of new tv shows, I happened to catch that new History Channel program William Shatner's Weird or What? It seems that hey take strange events and try to figure out how those events could have occurred. One of the segments I saw was on UFOs, where a whole town in Texas saw lights in the sky. Was it flares? Or fighter jets? A UFO? A top-secret US military flight program?

Personally, I think the US probably does have a super-secret military program where they're developing crazy flight technology. I wouldn't put it past them - to me, it's the kind of thing the US government would do.

I also think that it's likely that the planet has been visited by aliens. At least I hope they've been here. To me there's no question that life exists somewhere else in the universe because there are other planets out there and I'm quite certain that life of some sort exists on at least some of those planets. From there it isn't a big stretch to me that some of that life might visit here.

Some people wonder why aliens would visit this planet and not contact world leaders - although why they think that world leaders would necessarily tell people that they'd been contacted by aliens, I don't know. There are cave paintings from multiple, isolated cultures (yeah, I know the website may not be the most credible but it does bring all the images together in one place) and other very old artwork out there of strange looking creatures and UFOs. I wonder if perhaps human evolution was "nudged" a bit, and if so, the ones who did the nudging might want to sit back and watch the way humans have evolved.

Then again, SETI hasn't heard anything from anyone else in the universe, which doesn't make sense if there is anyone else out there. Unless they're staying quiet for a reason.

I wish I could see a UFO because that would be so cool and awesome. Until that happens, I've got the tv. And packing.

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