Thursday, September 23, 2010

More furniture shopping

Ok, so I got zero packing done today, but we did go out and look at furniture tonight. We went to the nearby town of Guelph to check out some of the stores there. Shopping for furniture is getting a lot faster. Because we've tried so many sofas, we now know which brands we don't like and we can also tell at a glance which sofas are likely to be too big, so we can just ignore all of those and zero in on what looks ok.

Tonight at one of the stores we discovered a brand we hadn't seen before that seemed to fit our requirements pretty well but they didn't have that much choice. They have a showroom in north Toronto that apparently requires a pass to get into; the owner of this store gave us such a pass. We're thinking of going there Saturday morning (they're open until 2pm). That way we'll see all of the possible options for their lines.

Most of the sofas we're looking at can be customized as far as fabric goes and to make sectionals or whatever. Some also offer customized pillow and seat shapes and stitching, arm types, and leg style. This is great because we'll get a sofa that is completely unique and everything we could possibly want. However, not all of the furniture stores carry samples of all of the options, making choosing the perfect sofa much more difficult.

We'd thought - well, I'd thought - about going to another furniture store in Mississauga that carries a different set of furniture manufacturers. However, because we already have several good brand possibilities, we don't really need any more brand choices. We may go there to see what accessories they have when we get to that stage but I don't think we need to go there to look at sofas or chairs.

Tomorrow: packing.

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