Monday, September 27, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

For the first time, we've decided to hire movers to move our stuff to the house. I've always moved my own stuff (with the help of friends and family) but I just can't physically do the work now. We do have friends that would be willing to help us but it would be exhausting for everyone. So in the interests of just getting 'er done, we're going to do this with movers.

Because we're going to be using the movers we need to be sure that the destination room for each box is clearly identified. We'd been labeling boxes with the contents but not necessarily the room where the boxes needed to go, partly because we hadn't made those decisions.

Over the weekend we bought five colours of duct tape (silver, white, red, black, and camouflage) and masking tape which we'll use to identify the different rooms. We figure that if the tape is seen on two neighbouring box sides - or perpendicular to one edge - it'll be easy to see from most orientations. The other advantage to this scheme is that we only need to put one big piece of tape on each box. When I'm finished the sewing room - which is getting close to being done - I'll go and label all of the boxes we've packed.

Closing is only two and a half weeks away - eep! As we get closer and closer to our closing date, we're feeling the pressure to get things done. For example, I still need to make all the calls to switch things over to the new address, and we need to finish packing, and we need to go out and find a dinette set. I'm trying to stay calm and focused but of course I'm a little stressed.

And of course there are life events happening all the time, too. I'm supposed to have my Pamidronate the day before closing and to see my oncologist the Monday after. I think I can manage the oncology appointment but I don't want to do the Pamidronate that week as I think we'll be very busy. I'll call to change the appointment tomorrow and hopefully they can accommodate me.

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