Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More packing

I'm making progress in the sewing room. It's taking longer than I thought it should have because I had to re-fold any fabric in the pile on the floor. I also had to press lots of those fabrics, too.

I've finished packing the ginormous pile on the floor along with a couple of other fabrics. I've filled (well, over-filled in some cases) eight 37.9L (10Gal) Rubbermaid Roughneck bins with fabric. Half of those contain my knit fabrics and three of the other four contain my specialty fabrics. We went out and bought another six of those bins which I think will be enough for the rest of my fabrics. We can also get more if we need them.

Once I finish packing up the fabric I've got to pack up the mess on the tables. There's a lot of stuff on those tables and packing it up will be much like doing an archaeological dig. There's unfinished projects, pattern pieces, full patterns, traced patterns, pins, needles, thread, trim, buttons, magazines, and more... and all of it needs to be sorted and put away. I can't wait for it to be finished.

Tomorrow I'm starting the book club again and Thursday we've got appointments in Mississauga all day, so I won't get as much packing done this week as I'd hoped. As long as I finish packing by the end of next week I'll be happy.

Just like with the books, sorting while packing makes putting things away in the new house easier.I'm so excited about my sewing room, even though I know that it'll take time to finish. We need to go to the house and get some measuring done for the appliances, so we picked up some paint chips to try and figure out what colour the walls are. I also picked up a bunch of very light paint chips to look over for my new sewing room. I'm so excited to be looking at these paint chips and imagining what the space will look like. Of course I also just love looking at paint chips and imagining the possibilities with them.

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