Friday, September 10, 2010

Cycling up and down

I don't know what's wrong with me this week; I seem to be seriously lacking in energy. I'm tired during the day but when it comes time to sleep I'm wide awake.

I think that I may have overdone it a bit last week and now I'm paying for it. It seems like I can do a lot and have a lot of energy and afterwards I crash. I wish that I could have a consistent energy level without these ups and downs. But when I'm feeling energetic i want to take advantage of all that energy.

It sounds almost like I'm bipolar, doesn't it? Except that my physical energy and abilities go up and down, not my moods or thinking. Well, except that the more tired I am the less happy I am, but I wouldn't say that my emotions are going through an Up-Down cycle.

So I either need to figure out a way to modulate these highs and lows or else make sure that the most intense packing and moving weeks correspond to high-energy weeks (meaning that I'll be exhausted through all of November). I'm not sure what to do. It might help if I forced myself to do things even when I don't have much energy so that things get done.... I just don't want to push myself too much in case I end up crashing even more afterwards.

it'll take some time to think ab


Tibcat said...

I would guess that pushing yourself when you don't have the energy wouldn't be the best answer. Maybe instead of going for those super long walks, a shorter walk as a treat after using up some of your energy packing might be a better solution :)

Robin said...

Yeah, I can tell you from experience that pushing myself to do too much when I don't have the energy results in a serious crash. The sheer stress of moving and everything associated with it (moving is one of life's biggest stressors) could easily be causing your physical problems.

Just because I am so full of advice sometimes (which you can ignore if you like): maybe break up the packing into little tasks so instead of thinking of packing your entire book selection just do one stack. Don't even think about doing the entire sewing area, just one box of patterns or something. Or sort the stuff into pack, donate, and toss, then hire movers to pack stuff coming with you.

Too bad I don't live closer to you, I'd come and just take over. I do love to sort, organize, and pack :)