Sunday, September 12, 2010

A rather productive day

We found a couch that we both think we like, finally! It has the right look because it's not too modern and not overstuffed but it's still comfortable. It's also reasonably-priced and we can customize the pieces. That's good because we don't yet know if we want a sectional or a couch and loveseat or what.

We're still going to check out a few other places this week that make different kinds of furniture so that we can be sure that we're making the right decision. At least we're starting to narrow down we want - our wants are coming together with what's available. If I were a more "normal" height, this whole process would be much easier because we could just test for comfort instead of having to test for size and comfort.

At least today wasn't all about shopping. When we finished sitting on couches we spent some time packing. All of the books except for the ones beside the bed - and there's about a box of books there - are packed. Finally! I knew we had a lot of books but I'm surprised at just how many there were. I don't even know how many boxes there were - 10? 15? 20? - lots. Way too many.

With the books done, tomorrow I'm going into my sewing room and I'm going to start packing it up. We bought some medium-sized totes that I'm going to use for fabric. I'd thought about getting clear boxes for the fabric but since this will only be temporary storage, clear boxes aren't necessary.

The sewing room is so daunting. Every time I go in I get overwhelmed because of the amount of stuff and how little floor can be seen. It's why I haven't been able to sew in there. I wish my organizing sister was here because she's so awesome at getting stuff organized and packed. I'll have to channel her while I'm packing up that room.

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