Friday, September 17, 2010

Movie nights are back!

Our friends were doing renovations so they've only recently had people over for Friday movie night. I wasn't feeling up to going last week but we went tonight. Their house looks gorgeous! I'm so happy that they have the house they wanted (or part of the house, anyways).

Tonight's movie was Date Night, a comedy starring Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. These two comedians are very funny; watching the outtakes where they improv'ed different lines was hilarious! I'm amazed and in awe of people who can say funny things because I'm not at all like that. I don't get jokes, either.

Anyways. The movie is funny, if a bit improbable. In the movie, a married couple goes into Manhattan to change up their lives. They take someone's dinner reservation and are mistaken for the original people who happen to be blackmailing a crime boss. Hilarity ensues. The movie is funny in part because it really captures what it's like to live with the same person for so long and to have the same routine with them. And the situations, however improbable they may be, do give lots of room for the stars' comedic genius.

If you like lighthearted comedies, this is definitely the movie for you. It's funny and definitely worth renting.

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