Sunday, July 04, 2010

It's really hot, hot, hot

Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends! I hope that you and everyone else are finding ways to enjoy the weekend and beat the heat.

It's crazy hot here and is supposed to get even hotter this week. Today got up to over 30C (86F) and it's supposed to be 34C (93F) by Tuesday with lows around 20C (68F) this week. Add in our regular humidity and smog and we have hot, sticky, humid, hard-to-breathe, feels like over 40C (105F) weather. We're also supposed to get clear skies until the weekend and  a UV index of 10 tomorrow so we'll get lots and lots of sun beaming down on us, too.

We really hoped to be in a house by now. Not just so that we could stop looking for a house but also so that we could have air-conditioning. We have a portable unit in our bedroom so at least we'll be able to sleep but it's very uncomfortable to just sit around in the un-air-conditioned house.

Speaking of sitting around, that's pretty much all we did today :) We were able to watch Legion, which we'd rented yesterday and which took over 4 1/2 hours to download. It's an ok but not great movie. It's an interesting premise: in an out-of-the-way truck stop, an unborn child and a rogue angel try to save humanity against God's attempt to destroy everyone (as in the Old Testament).

There's something missing in this movie, even though dialogue is ok, the acting is fine, and the special effects are good. Thinking back, the story is probably what's lacking here. The characters, their actions, and the situation have been seen before in other movies and there was nothing really special or interesting about the people here. The rogue angel was an interesting idea but somehow it just fell flat. In many ways, what should have been a compelling, interesting, gripping movie was just... boring. There are moments approaching greatness in the movie but those moments are few and far between.

This movie is worth watching if you can watch it for free and tend to like movies that you can watch while also doing something like a crossword or something.


Anonymous said...

I downloaded Legion and got, maybe, halfway through before I gave up. I kept wondering why such big names were in a cheap knock off of Reeker. Just goes to show, good actors can't make a bad script into a good movie.

Oh, and my sympathies about your crazy hot weather :(

Love, Mom

Chantelle said...

It was a lot like Reeker, wasn't it? But Reeker and its sequel were both better than Legion.

We really wanted to like Legion, we really did, and we watched the whole thing, but we didn't love it. In fact we'd watched the first hour of Weekend at Bernie's and it was also better than Legion.

Love you,

manchester fat acceptance said...

galdangit that is HOT!

by 'portable' air conditioner, do you mean a big heavy unit on wheels, or one that is small and, ummmm, portable? can it be moved from room to room, or is it too big to lug down the stairs?


Chantelle said...

It's a big unit on wheels with a springy hose that vents out the window. It can be lugged down the stairs to the main floor but then we'd have to lug it back upstairs to the bedroom.

We keep it up in the bedroom because heat rises and the bedroom gets gross and hot. There's no air circulation in there, either.

On the main level, we have all the windows (including the patio doors) wide open and we have a fan blowing on us. At least the fan keeps us cool.

There are thunderstorms scheduled for tonight.. I'd love it if they cleared some of the smog out of the air but I have a feeling that we might just wind up with more humidity tomorrow. We'll see.

Love you,