Sunday, July 25, 2010

If it's Sunday, we must be looking at houses

We looked at two houses today that are way, way, way above our budget - so far over that there's no way that we could afford them. We wanted to see whether the reason we hadn't found the right house was because our price point was too low.

Both houses were nice enough but definitely not right for us. The layout just wasn't right because the master bedroom was right off of the great room. We want separation of the living and sleeping areas so that people can't see right into the master bedroom. both houses has some upscale amenities with pot lights, lovely wood bathroom vanities and kitchen cupboards, and coffered ceilings. Gorgeous amenities don't make up for the wrong layout, however.

I'm still finding myself very upset and rejected by my sister. I don't know if I'm focusing on this because with all the emotional stuff going on I'm choosing to focus on this or if I'm just so upset because it's family and I don't fully understand why this situation has escalated to this point. She's said that I am deliberately trying to hurt her, like I've done before.

I'm not trying to hurt her and I don't understand what's happened or what I've been doing wrong all this time... I'd apologized and she'd said she accepted my apology for anything I'd done before so I don't understand what she means. I can't ask her because she's made it clear that she wants nothing to do with me. None of this makes any sense to me.

I wish this situation weren't happening. I think I need to let this go... either she'll contact me or she won't. I just need to deal with my own feelings and come to my own peace and let everything else happen as it's going to happen. This may take a while.

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