Sunday, July 11, 2010

Movie night

We recorded No Country for Old Men off of the tv a little while ago and we were finally able to watch it tonight. In this movie, a hunter in Texas, 1980, comes across the aftermath of a drug deal gone wrong and takes the $2M from the deal, starting a huge manhunt of two different groups of bad guys for him. Caught in between is the local sheriff whose way of life is changing.

It's a very good movie. It's a very dark movie, full of greed and shootings and blood and psychopaths, but a very good movie. Just about everyone is morally shady in one way or another - whether it's the cop who lets the truck driver go without giving him a ticket or the guy who takes the money in the first place or the psychotic killer. There's lots of dark humour in this movie - things that might not normally be all that funny are hilarious in this movie because their role is comic relief.

The story is compelling. It doesn't end the way you might think it should or would end or the way that you might want it to end. Still, the ending is believable, probably because it's more like real life where things don't always work out the way we think they will. The story also feels real because the characters are well-developed, making them feel like they're real people acting in a believable way.

There is a lot of realistic shooting, death, blood, and gore in this movie and if you don't like movies that show that type or level of violence, this really isn't the movie for you. There is a very good movie with a lot of depth to it behind all that violence if you can see past all that. This is an interesting, compelling movie that makes you think. We highly recommend it if you haven't already seen it.

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