Tuesday, July 27, 2010

House and horror movies

Neither of us slept very well last night because we were so excited about the house so we're both very tired. And still excited :) We initialed the final version of the offer with the closing date of October 15 (not the 10th, as I originally thought) and put in our deposit today, so we're on our way.

We've also arranged for the home inspection to happen on Thursday morning at 8:30am. We're going with a company that several of Ian's colleagues recommended. It turns out that they also offer a thermographic imaging service to find leaks and water in finished basements for hardly any extra money, so we're going to do that in addition to the regular inspection.

In non-house news, I was looking up horror movie festivals online and the Toronto After Dark festival will be August 13-20. They'll be playing 17 movies over that time and a big part of me wants to go. I'm not sure that I want to commute to Waterloo every night (although I do have oncology appointments that week, so I'd have to come back) and I don't want to impose on my inlaws for that whole time, either. I'll have to think about it. Spending a lot of money on a movie vacation may not be a smart idea since we're buying a house.

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sloth003 said...

Spend it now before you move in!!! after words there wont be time or $ for fun! ;-)