Saturday, July 24, 2010

Things related to houses

We went to a housewarming party held by one of Ian's colleagues. It was potluck so we brought our usual Black Bean Hummus (yummy) which everyone enjoyed. We make it with roasted garlic instead of fresh garlic which gives it a smoother, richer flavour.

We got to talk to different people who were or are looking for houses; it's good to know that we're not alone in our thinking. We actually saw a great house yesterday; the layout was fabulous and we could definitely see ourselves living there.

Unfortunately, when we opened the door to the cold room under the porch, hot air came out. We found a flashlight and saw that the ceiling of this cold room was covered in black mould. Outside under the porch the ground sloped towards the house, not away, which is why moisture was getting into the cold room. In fact, all around the house the ground was sloping the wrong way. We saw at least six frogs nestled up in hollows near the foundation which doesn't seem good.

So we said no to that house, too. We probably could have dealt with the grading outside (although there was a problem under the back deck, too, where the ground sloped towards the house) but we didn't want to deal with the black mould in the cold room. We didn't want to knowingly take on this problem.

All of the events over the last couple of days have left me exhausted and given me woogles. My back keeps doing funny things and I'm finding myself rocking back and forth, whining. I guess I'm emotionally overstimulated and need to relax. I've had a hot, relaxing bath and I'm hoping to sleep a whole lot better tonight than I did last night.

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