Saturday, July 31, 2010

A very busy Saturday

We went for an epic walk starting in what will be our new neighbourhood this afternoon. There are a lot of trails and forests near the house and we wanted to explore them. We found out that the river is only about a fifteen or twenty minute walk away on the Walter Bean trail. The trail is quite lovely, as are the views of the river. There are other trails and parks near that area that we're very interested in exploring; it turns out that there are more parks there than we thought. Those parks are just one more reason why the house is so right for us. We definitely chose the right house.

We had to wait until this afternoon to go on our walk because we spent the entire morning at the lab getting bloodwork done. We have our annual physical appointments on Thursday morning and our doctor wanted us to get the bloodwork done before the appointment this time. Unfortunately, with all the house stuff to do this past week, we weren't able to get the bloodwork done.

So instead we got to go to the only lab open on the Saturday of the long weekend along with many, many, many other people. We spent two hungry, uncomfortable, caffeine-less hours there this morning waiting to do the tests along with a lot of other hungry, grumpy people. We all listened to the child play with his Elmo cell phone and we all heard his attempts to imitate the words the phone was saying. There was some poetic justice in this, though, because the man sitting beside this child had been talking loudly on his cell phone earlier. He heard the child's cell phone more clearly than anyone else. :)

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