Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tomorrow is inspection day!

I actually got a really good night's sleep last night - finally! I think I was exhausted from the emotional ups and downs over the last week.

Tomorrow at 8:30am - a time that I'm rarely awake - we're doing the home inspection. We don't expect anything really bad to show up but it's important to do the inspection anyway so that we know about any issues that might need attention. There might be little things wrong here and there because no house is perfect and we know what those things are, we can fix them over time.

The current owner will be there right at the start so that we can go over which garden items she'll be taking with her when she moves. There are storks and lights and buddhas and all sorts of figurines and whatnot there. We don't really want any of them because they're not exactly our taste but if they're still there when we take possession, that's fine. We just don't want to take possession and be surprised to discover that everything's gone.

One thing we do know about the house (and we might ask about this tomorrow, if it feels right) is that the current owner has had problems with vandals spraying graffiti on one side of the house. We don't know whether the owner is being targeted or what but there are no other signs of vandalism or graffiti on the street so we're not really worried about it. We'd be more worried if there were rocks being thrown through the windows or at cars or something. We will want to be sure in the inspection that there's been no damage done on that wall. 

Now, there's no light on that side of the house and that part of the side yard isn't fenced because the gate to the backyard is further back. those two things make it way too easy for hooligans to misbehave so we'll need to make some changes when we take possession. First thing we'll do will be to put up a motion-sensor light there. After that, we'll move the gate to the backyard or plant some bushes or something so that it's less easy to get to that wall. We'll also probably put in an alarm system.

So here's hoping that the house passes the inspection :) We'll get a full email report within a day or so but hopefully we'll know the highlights (and lowlights) right after the inspection.

Friday morning, we see the financial advisor about applying for the mortgage. Hopefully that application process won't be too difficult or take too long, because we've only got until next Thursday to get this stuff all in place and Monday is a holiday. I won't be completely relaxed about the house until all this stuff is done and we know for sure that the house is really going to be ours.

This is so exciting!

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