Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shoes and clothes

We watched the first three episodes of Mad Men season 3 tonight. Sadly, these episodes are not in HD, but I'm happy to watch them anyways. We had seen the first two episodes but neither of us really remember them so we watched them anyways.

I do love that show. Oh yes, I do. I fine it quite compelling, as I may have already mentioned :)

In my internet travels today, I found the best shoes ever! They're oxfords or wingtips for women, they're black, and they're covered in baby sequins!!!
Kat by Sam Edelman
I can see wearing these shoes, well, everywhere. I know that they're not right for every single occasion, but they would work with pants at a formal event. I prefer to wear dresses to formal events but if I ever wore pants it would be with these shoes.

I did actually find a more practical pair of oxfords/wingtips. They're gorgeous!
Winger by Jeffery Campbell
I actually have a similar pair that I bought about ten or fifteen years ago. I need to get them re-soled because I've worn the sole down. They're a touch big for me because they're a boy's size five which is a women's seven and my feet are smaller than that. This pair looks like it might actually work as a replacement for the old shoes, if I can find them somewhere to try them on.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

those sparkly shoes are so super-cute!!! and i love wingtips and brogues.

i had this blog in my ads on facebook, and it looks like soemthing you would like, though it is still pretty new:


p.s. i bought that 1930s pant pattern from waechter's fine fabrics and just receied it in the mail!!!! 'tis wicked cool!