Saturday, July 03, 2010

Our internet

The Playstation Video Store just launched in Canada. We were really excited about this because you can rent or buy downloaded movies and tv shows and watch them. Even better, they have a huge selection of movies there in tons of genres!

We've been wanting to watch Legion even though it got bad reviews. it was one of the movies in the list, so we picked it, paid for it, and started downloading it. The download started over an hour ago and we're only 37% into a 4.8G download. We're not having any problems using the laptop and nothing seems to be slower than usual.... so we figure that Bell Canada, our internet service provider, is limiting the amount of traffic they'll accept from the Store.

We pay a ridiculous amount of money for full internet and it drives me nuts that they limit the internet traffic in this way. I'd be allowed to download from torrents if I wanted because they don't limit those but I can't download from a legitimate place? WTF?

Sadly, we have very little choice when it comes to internet. We have Bell (also our phone provider) or Rogers, the cable provider. In many ways, Rogers is worse than Bell. Rogers splits the signal amongst neighbours and so each person gets less bandwidth. Rogers also goes down more often and for longer periods of time... Bell tends to be up and running almost always but it's hard to think that their reliability makes up for limiting traffic. I wish we had another reliable option that didn't limit traffic.

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sloth003 said...

look into teksavvy.
d switched us a year ago for both phone and internet. we have had no problems, they are suing bell for 'traffic shaping' and it is cheaper.