Friday, July 23, 2010

So sad

I am so hurt and so sad.

My youngest sister de-friended me on facebook and has stopped following my blog. I hurt her by questioning whether she had Asperger's. I tried to do that in the most loving, caring, supportive way possible - talking about what I understood and wanting to understand more - because I did have questions. I didn't want to lie and say that I had no questions because I believe in being honest in a gentle way. I did the wrong thing and I hurt her and in response she's cut me out of her life and told me that I was a vindictive, angry, unsupportive relative, and that one by one, I pushed people away.

I'm sad and hurt and I can't stop crying. She's clearly angry and hurt and I didn't mean to cause that. I really didn't. I'm so sorry.

Do I push people away? Am I that mean and vindictive? Have I been fooling myself all this time when I thought I was a good person? I know I can be direct and I can step on toes without meaning to but I don't go out and try and hurt people.

I love my sister and the rest of my family so much and it hurts when we fight... but something like this has never happened before. I don't know how to make this better.


Anonymous said...

Time. Give it time and hopefully the sting will fade for both of you and you will be able to make a connection again.
Love, Mom

PussDaddy said...

I am sorry to hear it. Hopefully it will all work out over time.