Thursday, July 29, 2010

The home inspection is done!

The house inspection went really well and no major dealbreaking issues were found. The inspector had one of those thermographic camera thingies which was really cool. It even showed where the dog had had an accident in the dining room :) There are little things in the basement, which is no surprise because they did the basement themselves.

The major issue in the basement is that there is a double layer of vapour barrier behind several walls which can cause condensation. There are also a couple of cracks in the outer wall beside the windows but so far there isn't evidence of moisture there. At some point, we'll want to fix that but to do that, we'll need to take the drywall out. They can fill them from the outside but that's twice the size.

The cold room also has some mold in it, mainly because the door doesn't create a proper seal there. We'll need to get a steel door (like an outside door) and that should stop the formation of mold there. Of course we'll need to clean off the mold that's there as well.

Other than that there are a couple of smaller issues here and there, but they're really no big deal. The house is in great shape and the owners have taken good care of it. They're the original owners and have put a ton of work into the house and yard. I hope that they don't come back and look at what we've done to the place because it definitely won't be the same :)

So that's the inspection done and passed! The next step is to meet with the financial advisor. That's tomorrow :)

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Anonymous said...

Nice to have the inspection come out so clean! Good luck tomorrow with the financing. Love, Mom