Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not a completely lazy Sunday

We went to an open house today; only one, since there aren't many houses that come even close to being right for us. The house we looked at was an older bungalow with a formal living and dining room. It had a lovely yard and a nice kitchen but we prefer a more open layout, probably with a great room, for our living space. We also felt that the basement didn't get enough light. If I'm going to have a sewing room in the basement, I want as much natural light as possible there. It makes it feel less like living in a dungeon.

We also did some grocery shopping. Apparently Loblaw's workers in Ontario have voted to strike and we wanted to get as much stuff from their chain as possible. I sympathize with the workers this time because the company is asking for a 25% cut in wages and benefits. That's huge. I think the two parties are going to or are in mediation but if those talks go nowhere, the strike could happen.

We bought lots of produce and meat and stuff that I can use to cook dinner. I have actually been cooking dinner from scratch as much as possible, and it's been turning out quite yummy. I cooked dinner most nights a few years ago and if I didn't know what to make, I'd start by sauteing an onion. So I've been using that approach and adding vegetables, spices, a meat, and a starch and ending up with dinner.

I was even learning how to use the barbeque so that I could do some yummy roasted vegetables there, although the propane ran out before I could finish cooking. When we get a house, we're getting a natural gas barbeque in addition to a gas stove. I'll need to learn how to use those appliances because I've never used either before but it shouldn't be as daunting as it would be otherwise since I'll already know how to cook some things.


Robin said...

I loved using a gas stove! If I had my own house I'd have a gas stove again.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Robin! I loved cooking with gas - it is so controllable and fast.
Love, Mom