Monday, July 12, 2010

Mad Men

I'm definitely a Mad Men fan. There's so much to love about this show. Each episode's fashions and fabrics are a feast for the eyes but I also love it because it portrays real people living on the cusp of a fundamentally changing world. ... it's almost worth watching each one twice: once for the clothes and the second time for the story. 

If you love the fashions of Mad Men like I do, I recommend that you check out the Mad Style blog post series by Tom & Lorenzo (TLo) of Project Rungay. In this series, they describe each female character's style and show how the clothes they wear in each scene emphasizes different emotions, ideas, or contrasts in that scene. The major characters are examined in multi-part posts and minor characters receive a briefer look. This series is entertaining and eye-opening, showing how much thought has gone into the series to convey the intended message.

I'm really looking forward to the Mad Men season 4 premiere on July 25. And because we didn't have time to watch season 3 when it was first shown, I'm thrilled that this season is available on Rogers on Demand at least until July 25. We are going to have our work cut out for us, what with making sure that we get all the way through season 3 in less than two weeks along with all the other summer shows that we've been watching. Those summer shows include Persons Unknown, Lie to Me, Work of Art, and The Good Guys (yeah, I know, that last show is kind of silly, but it's funny, too). So much tv, so little time...

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