Saturday, September 05, 2009

Getting ready to travel

I've decided that I"m going to my friend's memorial next week. I booked a train ticket leaving Thursday and coming back on Sunday. Since the memorial is Saturday afternoon, this will give me a chance to get settled and comfortable before everything.

I decided on the train because it's cheaper than the plane - even if I used airmiles for the plane, I'd have to get to and from the airport and pay the fees, all of which add up to about the same cost as the train. It was so much easier when we could fly from the local airport to Detroit; now, if I want to go to the US, I have to go to Toronto.

I haven't booked my hotel yet; I'm waiting to find out where everyone else is staying before I do that.

I've been thinking about my hair... what if I stripped the dye off my hair using a bleach and then used a semi-permanent dye to make my hair it's more natural colour? Would that work,do you think? I think the semi-permanent dye wouldn't be as harmful to me or my system as the permanent. I don't know... I saw the bleach stuff and thought that it might work.


Anonymous said...

I would definitely try the semi-permanent dye. Would there be one close to the colour that your hair is now so you don't have to go through the bleaching?

Taking the train sounds like a nice relaxing way to travel. Personally, I love the train over any other transportation :)
Love, Mom

Chantelle said...

I love the train, too, and I'm looking forward to the trip. The city I'm going to is near the Catskills so I think the train ride will be pretty.

The permanent haircolour I've been using is darker and redder than my natural hair, so in order to get closer to my natural colour I'd need to lighten what's there now.