Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's fall again

I know it sounds silly, but I'm still obsessing about my hair. Would it be too crazy to go silver? I could strip the hair colour out and use a toner (I think I'd have to find a beauty supply store to get that) to make it silvery.

Or would that be too silly?

I think I'm feeling nostalgic, what with fall here and classes starting. Fall is like the new year to me; it's when the leaves turn and everyone is back in school and school is still exciting. I realized just today that it was 10 years ago this week that I started university for the second time. In some ways my life really started then... I was able to become the person I should have become a decade earlier. I'd never go back to school now (finishing the degree was *so* hard after chemo) but it was definitely the best thing to do at the time.

This isn't the first year I've felt sort of nostalgic for school in the fall. In previous years I've had activities to look forward to in the fall, like curling or bellydancing ... but this year I won't be doing them. So I'm feeling sort of adrift, if that makes sense.

On top of this nostalgia, today I was doing admin work for the mets board and I realized that we had three women from that board die within the last month - the last one was my friend L. I'm feeling a bit like time is short, even though I'm doing ok, and I feel like I should be doing something more. Or something different. I don't know... I feel like I'm missing something and that I don't have time to miss it.

I don't like this sort of aimless, directionless, drifting feel and I guess I need a change or something new. Maybe that's why I'm focusing on my hair right now - it's easy to change and it can definitely feel and look new.

So.... all that said, what do you think about me trying to go silver? Or should I try some kind of light natural colour - like a champagne blonde? Or should I stay darker? Redder? Pink? Dark ends? Light ends? Multi-coloured?

On an unrelated subject, I just heard this most amazing quote on the show Glee: "every moment of your life is an opportunity for fashion". Now that's a statement to live by :)


Anonymous said...

Are you drawn to silver because right now you sense so much is behind you and your aimlessness prevents you from being drawn into the future?

I personally think silver is awesome on someone with a young face like yours :)

Love, Mom

Margaret said...

First, *love* Glee!! So glad that you are a fan too.

You saw both Lisa and I last July. IMHO Lisa's hair looks great. It is a beautiful silver/brown and it seems to give her a maturity that is totally appropriate for her age.

Of course, as I said, your hair looked marvelous! Have fun experimenting.
Aunt Margaret

Anonymous said...

Silver would be such a beautiful shade.

manchester fat acceptance said...

ruby and i love glee too! i love love love the cheer teacher.

lavender/purple toner cuts down on brassiness once you strip the colour out. you can also buy grey dye (i have it, and plan to colour some tips silver in future):