Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Watching recorded movies

The person at the support center LOVED the head covering I took in. I left the one there as a sample and will take some in when I go to my next meditation class. The one I took in isn't lined but I think I will line them so that there are no exposed seams to fray or bother a tender head. And even though the one I made had long ties to go over the head, I'll make a few with short ties in case not everyone wants to wrap the ties in some way.

They've asked for head coverings that would be suitable for the upcoming Christmas and New Year's holidays so that women who've lost their hair have something elegant/stylish/pretty to wear.

I celebrated this happy accomplishment by watching movies. Every Friday night, the Space channel shows up to three horror movies. I do love horror movies - even when they're bad, and especially when they're B-horror movies - and so I usually record at least one of them for later viewing.

Today I watched Snakehead Terror, about ginormous snakeheads that take over a lake and that start eating people (and each other) when the fish in the lake are gone. There's nothing surprising about this movie; it's got the standard evil people, teenagers trying to save everyone, and the guy in authority who at first can't make anyone believe him... until things start going really badly. Even so, it's actually not a bad B-movie.

I liked how the movie used the snakehead, which is a rather yucky fish that is a danger to every ecosystem to which it's introduced because it has no natural predators. It is a predatory fish, it can live for brief periods on land, and it can "walk" with the use of its fins. So if they were to be grown to a ridiculous size, and ate everything in sight... sure, the movie could almost be plausible. Almost :)

Then I watched The Ninth Gate, which I didn't know was directed by Roman Polanski. I don't deny that the man is a good filmmaker - and this is an ok film - but he wasn't that good a person, say, 30-odd years ago. He was convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl when he was 44 in the US and fled the country before he could be sentenced. He's recently been arrested in Switzerland and may be extradited to the US to complete the sentencing process.

While the movie is ok, it's not without its flaws, unfortunately. Of course I have higher expectations for a Polanski film than for some throwaway B-movie. If my expectations were lower then I would think that this was a fine movie. The CG in this movie is terrible, especially in the driving scenes. The acting is a bit uneven in places with some characters are clearly better than others. The music, when it played, was a touch heavy-handed. The story is sort of interesting, what with its rare books and puzzles and trying to raise the devil (although that doesn't seem like a particularly smart thing to do). One thing I didn't like was how the movie just kind of ended.

Other than that, it was a fairly watchable, if slightly long, movie. This satiric article gives another view of this movie :)

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