Saturday, September 26, 2009

My introduction to scrapbooking

I never really "got" scrapbooking before. I didn't know how to do it (which is why the stuff someone had given me ages ago hasn't been put together), and I didn't really understand why people would do it when they could just put pictures in an album as-is.

Then today I spent this afternoon scrapbooking at a friend's place, and I discovered that it's really fun! I also realized why people would want to put pictures in a scrapbooked album instead of just sticking them somewhere. With a scrapbooked album, each page serves as an artistic framework and can provide context for the picture(s). So instead of just looking at pictures, you can look at pictures in a lovely page. That page might give you some context for the pictures or that evokes the feelings and thoughts the scrapbooker had when looking at the picture.

Today I worked on a kit thingy that my friend provided which included instructions, a picture of the final product, and all the supplies needed to make the pages come out like the picture. I had quite a good time putting the pages together. Using the cutting tools to cut everything to the right shape and size and adding the embellishments was really cool. I was very happy with my finished product and I had a lot of fun putting it together.

My friend also had all of the other things that make scrapbooking easier: more cutting tools, taping tools, embellishments, papers... you name it, she had it. And if she didn't, one of the other people there did. There are lots of specialty tools and embellishments for scrapbooking these days; back in the day there weren't nearly so many. I don't know if having all that choice is good or bad. I think for new people (like me) it's better to not have too much choice, but more experienced people like my friend would probably like to have lots of options.

The most amazing thing my friend had is this cutting tool called Cricut. The main Cricut hardware is a personal electronic cutter: it sort of looks like a like a printer except that it cuts the images out of the cardstock. Different picture sets are available so that you can cut out pictures of sports-related items, letters, holiday things, and more. Each picture set has an overlay, which is sort of like a template, that fits over the matching reader on the cutter. You can set the image to cut small or large, if you want, and then - magically - the machine cuts your image for you! It's so cool!

I thought this technology was amazing and awesome. If a person did a lot of "scrapping" or card-making and liked having unique images - including cutouts - on their pages or cards, this tool would be perfect. I could see scrapbooking clubs (if there are such things... I'd think there would be) purchasing one for club use.

I also got to spend time with my friend's nine-month old son and my other friend's two-month old daughter. The boy isn't quite crawling or talking, but when I would say "braaaaaiiiiiinnnnnssss" to him, he would respond with "aaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnsss". :) He's very personable and we spent some time playing. The girl is still a big sack of baby but she likes to kick her legs out a lot. She's going to have very strong legs :) Both children were very overtired and not able to sleep because of all the people and excitement.

Overall, I had a great time today seeing people and learning this new skill. Scrapbooking is something that I could definitely see myself doing, especially if we had more printed pictures. I definitely I like the idea of using scrapbooking techniques to do card-making because I send more cards now than I did before.


Angel - Having a Nemesis said...

First off....hi there! Found via ECO (as a fellow member of the few who don't mind having their names/blogs associated with their comments) and I wanted to thank you for your re-direction to the seller to reread my posts (let's be honest, they are giant walls of text). Hopefully a little calm assertiveness calms everyone down!

Second....scrapbooking is still the devil ;) I'm convinced that it is a cult, and there is some Futurama-like brain sucker involved. No one in their right mind should own more than 5 pairs of scissors. MAX.

But I definitely look forward to digging through your archives! I am certain you will reflect upon your scrapbooking transgression and join a 12 step program to de-cult yourself.

(all in jest, of course) (except the part about scrapbooking being a cult, I totally stand by that part)

Chantelle said...

Hi Angel! I'm glad to see you here :) I did see you over at ECO, and I admired that you put your name to your posts. So few of us do.

I also write big blocks of text, and when I read yours what you said made sense - it was what the seller needed to read and know. So you're welcome. :)

Those comments were really over the top. I couldn't figure out which anonymous was which or what anyone was saying through the name-calling. Calm assertiveness, combined with respect and a lack of name-calling, eventually can get people to at least read what a person says.... eventually.

This is my first foray into scrapbooking and i could see the need for several pairs of scissors (in addition to the kitchen ones and the sewing ones) because they cut different shapes, don't they? :)

I do sew and I've been known to bend a wire or two around a briolette, so it's not like I've never been near a craft.

I look forward to seeing more of your posts :)

Robin said...

Another aspect of scrapbooking that's cool (read: overwhelming) is that it doesn't have to just be photos on the page. It can also include medals, fabric from the dress in the photo, rings, pressed flowers, and anything else related to the photo. It's so cool but I have no idea where to begin with most of it. But the paper...just to own the pretty papers...ooooooo....

Chantelle said...

Huh - I never thought that it could be more than just photos... that's very cool. I wouldn't have thought to add the fabric out of which a dress was made. Or medals.

The papers are pretty... they're like fabric, to me... so pretty... so touchable... :)